Homeownership while buildingFinancial Literacy


We provide hope, financial education and solutions to aspiring homeowners. Secure a home in 2-4 months and learn how to become a responsible homeowner who’s financially and mentally ready for homeownershhip.

Are you tired of renting? Move into a home and call ityour OWN


“We’ve helped individuals and families achieve homeownership”

“We understand that life sometime falls through by the wayside and puts us in a complicated situation for homeownership, that’s why we are here to help and bring you there.”

What is our rent to own (homeowner in-training) program?

Our rent to own (homeowner in-training) program is a program where we buy you a home of your choosing and based on your financial qualification. You get into our program for 2-4 years and in that time, we help you save for a down payment and build your credit score. Before the program ends, you will have the opportunity to qualify for a mortgage and exercise your option to buy the home. You are given exclusive rights to purchase the home at a predetermined price and use your saved down payment to purchase it at the end of the program.

Why homeowner in-training program?


We are happy and take pride by the ability of our RTO program to educate and train aspiring homeowners to become full-fledged homeowners who are proud to not only get a home for their family, but also exercise what it takes to maintain a home and manage their budget for a home. Our clients also have the freedom to improve the home they are living in, increasing the value (equity) of the home when they exercise their option to purchase. These individuals are fully committed and ready to take the next page in their life and become homeowners.

Rent to own Homeowner in-training programBenefits

You know the purchase price of the home after the term ends, regardless of how high the appreciation goes, and you could benefit with higher than usual appreciation. Say no more to increasing rents as well every year. All your monthly payments are fixed and will not change during the term. This way you can put more on saving and handling your monthly budgets!

You can slowly build value (equity) of the home if you add any improvements/renovations such as lightings, kitchen/washroom upgrades, backyard renovations, etc.

You have exclusive rights to the property when the term ends and exercise your option to purchase. Save time and remove headache on bidding wars and negotiation of conditions with sellers.

In our RTO program, you have the freedom to choose the home of your choosing with our trusted realtors in your area.

Getting your first home could be daunting if you’ve been renting your whole life. We understand the multiple demands it needs (financial and maintaining) and the program gives you ample time to prepare yourself before jumping into homeownership.

Bring your cute furry friends when you move and make sure to bring their toys and treats too.

Once you are approved in our program and have signed the agreements, you move in right away

We work closely with you to save a down payment of 10-20% depending on your financial situation during the program. This is done by contributing to a monthly option consideration each month that turns into a down payment when you exercise your option to purchase.

We understand that life sometimes throws you out of life.Here's how we can help

What are youwaitingfor?

Bruised Credit

May it be bankruptcy, debts, consumer proposal or collections, we’ll give you a game plan to get you approved


Income is harder as you declare less. That’s okay and we could still help you get a home for your family

Low Income

It sucks being rejected by lenders because of low income. In our homeowner in-training program, we’ll help you get approved after the program ends.

New Immigrant

Start your new life here with a new home while we help you build your credit history.

Divorce | Separation

We’ll get your life back in track by helping you get a home in our program. Rebuild a new journey by building credit and down payment

Low Down payment

With home prices continue to increase, it’s becoming harder and harder to save for a down payment. Save 10-20% down payment while in our program.

How does all of thiswork?


You fill up or submit a quick 10–15-minute application through our website and we will get back to you after our initial check on your personal and homeownership situation.

Initial Qualification

We meet for a discovery chat to understand your specific needs, answer all your questions, understand our program and educate you on the next steps to move forward on your journey.

Financial and Credit Check

Our credit specialist will reach out to you to tell you more about your credit and your qualifications for a home. We’ll give you actions steps to follow to make sure you are able to qualify for a mortgage when the program ends.

Home Shopping

The fun part! You go out and shop with our realtors and pick a home of your choosing!

Purchasing of home

We purchase the home you picked, and you sign 2 agreements. One is the lease agreement and the other is the option to purchase agreement.

RTO (Homeowner In-training) term

You practice being a homeowner and test drive your new home! You follow the steps we give to improve your financial qualification for a mortgage, and we’ll work closely with you to make sure you are ready to become a homeowner.

Full homeownership

You get exclusive rights to purchase the home. You purchase it and we transfer the title to you! By this time, you’re a full-fledged homeowner who understands and knows what it takes to own a home, maintain a home, even renovate a home, and budget for a home.