Why Is Our Program Called A Homeowner In-Training Program?

Getting into homeownership takes dedication, work, and financial planning. Learn more as to why our program is called a homeowner in-training program.

 A lot of people have asked us why our program is a “Homeowner-in training” program. Well, if you’ve been a renter, I’m sure you somehow understand how difficult it is to transition from renting a home to becoming a homeowner. We see it all the time and that’s why we are here to guide you along the way through our program.

Most of our clients are first-time homebuyers who have been renting for years (or some since inception). To some, getting into homeownership is a totally different ball game compared to just renting as it requires hard work, proper planning, maintenance, preparation, and financial discipline.

Under our homeowner in-training program, we help renters build those skills and curate a game plan for them so they can be successful in our program.

Why is this program unique?

First, our homeowner in-training program is dedicated to making renters proud homeowners who are equipped with the right financial literacy when it comes to homeownership. When you enroll in our program, we provide you with customized financial actionable steps that outline what you need to achieve so that you can qualify for a mortgage at the end of the term. This works out as some of our clients need this guidance and a “roadmap” to get their financial situation in order.

Second, we’ll walk with you every step of the way to ensure that you are moving in the right direction. As a company, we organized “pulse checks” every quarter to ensure all our “homeowner in-trainees” are improving their financial status. We have a team of experienced professionals ranging from mortgage brokers, financial planners, and credit specialists who’d work with you to ensure your financial and homeownership goals are on the right track.

Third, our rent-to-own program gives renters the freedom to practice being homeowners before they can actually own the house. If you own a home in the future and get a leaking faucet, do you call your mortgage provider (the bank) and ask them to fix  your leaking faucet? We hope your answer is a big NO. If yes, then maybe this program or homeownership is not the best fit for you right now (it’s the renter mindset we’re removing here). In our program, we let you get into the “homeowner” mindset already and this will help you to become more prepared for it in the long run. It will be your sole responsibility to make improvements and fix any minor repairs in your home instead of calling your landlord every time there are minor repairs.

Fourth, we give you the freedom (aside from fixing your home) of adding lipstick renovation to your home. Being able to do so will help you adapt to the life of a homeowner and you will also add value to your home. Our homes are also pet-friendly thus, making them convenient for pet lovers.

Fifth, we give renters the freedom to choose homes of their choice based on their qualifications. When the rent to own term ends, you will have the exclusive right to that property and you will have the option of purchasing it at the predetermined price. Our fixed rent policy ensures that renters will no longer worry about rent increases every year, something that helps them plan their budget efficiently and increase their savings for a down payment.

Final thoughts

As a renter, when you enroll in our homeowner in-training program, we will completely change your mindset about homeownership. We understand and know that it takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and dedication when you get into homeownership. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to nurture renters with all the necessary skills to help them become proud homeowners who are financially and mentally prepared. The question we always ask is, where are you really right now?” Are you just “hoping” that one day it’ll fall under your lap or are you really willing and ready now to take the next step to get into homeownership?

If you’ve been a renter in Canada and you’ve been aspiring to transition to get a home for yourself and family, get in touch with us today for a free consultation on our homeowner in-training program.

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